O.P. Taylor's, "The Coolest Toy Store on the Planet!". The original store, located in beautiful downtown Brevard, North Carolina, is over 6000 square feet of fun and hands on excitement. There IS a reason that O.P.Taylor's continues to be the #1 toy store in the south, come and experience it for yourself!

Our State Magazine
 featured O.P. Taylor's in their Christmas issue last December (way ahead of Southern Living). Probably the best article written about the nut case that started all of this.  The "Our State" story really captures the insanity, emotions and A.D.D. that effects John Taylor. Even John's mother agreed, the story described her son perfectly, you have to believe someones mother!

In 2010, O.P. Taylor's opened a new "state of the art" fun stop in Asheville, NC. Located in the beautiful
new Biltmore Park Town Square. John got to build the toy store of his dreams, starting with an empty box!

O.P. Taylor's also has a store in Greenville, South Carolina.  Much smaller than the Brevard location, but packed full of just as much fun.  Mr.Bill, our fearless leader in Greenville, will be glad to show you around! Toys are stuffed so high and deep in Greenville that you will need a tour guide to get you through the mountains of fun safely! The Greenville store is located downtown, next to the Mast General Store, between the Hyatt and Windham hotels.

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